LUXE Destination Weddings Launched

January 10, 2008

Luxe Destination Weddings, Inc. was established in 2004.  They specialize in unique, luxury group destination weddings in the Caribbean and Mexico.  Unlike a traditional travel company, LUXE Destination Weddings focus solely on destination weddings and honeymoons.  Unfortunately, LUXE has very little brand awareness in Canada, and most people could not tell whether they are a travel company or a wedding planning company, which has seriously hurt their business for many years.


It was our intent to ensure that LUXE Destination Weddings doesn’t fall in the same category as either a travel company or a wedding planning company, but into an entirely separate category of their own.  We had to promote LUXE Destination Weddings as the unique, exotic, “dream wedding” for any couples, but specifically for the young affluent couples.  We determined the best way to convey to the consumers the brand image of LUXE is through word-by-mouth, print and web advertisements, marketing collateral, and an upscale website.

“A Dream” is the key.  We expressed an exotic and warm experience through a full-screen website, stunning print collaterals, and advertisements.  A full screen website not like other wedding sites in its market leaves people talking.  Partnership with Wedding Bells to host a contest was also deployed to generate more traffic to the website.  Users’ average time spent on the website has greatly increased as a result, as people take the time to experience the lush aesthetics and dynamic visuals of the site.

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