Brand Consultation Services for High-End Businesses

Your brand encompasses everything that your company is. It delivers a promise to your customers, sets the tone for their experience with your products and services, and distinguishes you from your competition. You bring your clients significant value that your competitors cannot; now, you need the right strategy to communicate that idea.
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Part of developing your brand strategy involves discovering an identity using business naming services and a brand voice creation to use in all of your business’ communications. The other parts of the equation might seem strictly logistical. For example, how do you deliver your message? Which platforms do you use? When do you engage with your customers? What types of content convey your message effectively?

Answering these questions is not just a matter of buying advertising space or paying someone to post Facebook messages and send out email blasts. Rather, they hinge on a very important part of your overall strategy: your customers. Pixelcarve focuses on helping brands better understand the people who are buying from them and what they truly want from your company.

How do you deliver your message? Rather than following conventional wisdom by doing the basics, like setting up a blog and sending out regular tweets, focus your efforts on how your customers want to receive your message. Do they want to engage with you on social media, or would they prefer to seek valuable information that you have to offer via organic search engine optimization (SEO) methods?

Which marketing platforms should you use? A comprehensive strategy consists of appropriate inbound and outbound marketing venues, custom-tailored to where your target demographics are browsing.

Ready to start your new project but have a few questions? We are here to discuss.
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When should you engage with your customers? Your strategy may involve some of the convenient automation that digital marketing affords; however, real-time engagement is a true possibility in this age of social media, live video, and chat programs. It is important for you to do a communication audit and join the conversation and optimize your efforts to when you know your customers will be online.

What types of content should you use? At Pixelcarve, we specialize in brand positioning and creating engaging digital platforms that use simple, yet sophisticated techniques for drawing people in and giving them a unique online experience that they then begin to associate with our clients’ brands. We round out our striking designs with informative content that converts, from well-crafted articles to immersive videos. We find the best combination of media based on what your customers are seeking, and we turn your strategy from a concept into a reality.

Pixelcarve offers you competitive analysis service and sophisticated branding strategies suitable for best-in-class clients. We invite you to learn more about what our team of digital marketing experts can do for you.