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Brand Positioning Services

What place does your brand occupy in your clients’ hearts and minds? How do people think of your brand, particularly in relation to your competitors? If you can answer those questions, you probably have a good grasp on your company’s brand positioning. If not, then your business needs to spend some additional time working on what distinguishes you from others in your market, and what branding strategies are appropriate for the position you want to occupy. A strong market position is the hallmark of any premium brand.

When our clients need to develop a unique position for their brands, we at Pixelcarve follow an effective process for finding that position and making it a reality.

It begins with a statement that encompasses the position you want; that statement should answer several questions:

  • Who are your target customers, and what are their attitudes toward the products and services you offer?
  • What industry or category does your brand occupy?
  • What is the benefit, essence, or promise that your brand can deliver, which your competitors cannot?
  • Why should customers believe in your brand and what you should have to offer?
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Professional Marketing and Brand Positioning Services

A strong positioning statement is essential to guide your efforts at defining your brand where it belongs in your chosen market, eliminating confusion and giving you a strong concept behind which to rally your strength. Pixelcarve can help you develop your statement and supply you with effective strategies for achieving the position you want to occupy with your current and potential clients.By honing in on these specific questions, you can develop focus for your brand that can become the foundation of your marketing scheme. A brand positioning statement is the foundation upon which your brand message is built.

Beyond giving your overall branding efforts a mission and goal to which your marketing team can adhere, this positioning statement also acts as a filter. Any communications efforts that fit comfortably within your brand position should be emphasized; anything that does not should be replaced or eliminated. This reduces time, effort, and resources spent on marketing efforts that do not match your brand’s goals and values.