Avenue Road Furniture Website

“Effectively integrating a superior digital presence is only possible if your creatives are able to become intimately involved in your business. By aspiring for genuine innovation and holding in high regard AVENUE ROAD’s brands integrity, Pixelcarve has and continues to deliver at the highest of levels.” – Michael Barr, Marketing Director

Established as a showcase for seductive, sophisticated furniture, Avenue Road is one of Canada’s premier venues for classic and contemporary furniture designs. Our goal was to build a website that preserved the unique, diverse and premium quality of Avenue Road’s brand while also serving as a functional catalogue for designers to source furniture. Over the years we have produced 2 websites for Avenue Road, and are working on a 3rd which will feature e-commerce. We have also produced a number of videos, microsites, evites and do their monthly enewsletter.

Avenue Road Website 2013 | avenue-road.com

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