How AI Art Works and What it Means for Your Website

December 19, 2023

The art world, typically seen as a bastion of human creativity, is undergoing a radical shift. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) enables art to be generated quickly through the use of detailed text prompts. 

The availability of various AI art generators and tools has made the technology accessible to everyone, and that includes web designers. But despite that, the world is torn between whether or not it should be considered actual art, let alone be integrated into website design. 

A Pew Research study showed that 31% of respondents believed it was a major advancement for art, while another survey revealed that 76% of people thought it should not be considered as art at all.

As Curtis Priest, CEO of Pixelcarve, aptly puts it, “Art and AI together are painting the canvas of our future, blending pixels and imagination in ways we have yet to fully envision.” 

But how exactly can you leverage AI-generated artwork for web design projects? In this article, we’ll provide you with the answer to this question, in addition to explaining the inner workings of AI art.

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Understanding AI-Generated Art

Also known as generative artwork, AI art involves using artificial intelligence to create custom images. Whereas traditional art involves creative skills and an often lengthy process, AI art can be generated in seconds with a prompt entered into a generator.

How AI Art Generators Work

Although using an AI art generator is a relatively simple process, it goes far beyond entering a prompt and receiving an image based on it. The output is generated by the AI art program’s training, which involves using existing artwork to distinguish between different art styles and techniques.

Examples of AI Art Generation Tools

The rise of ChatGPT led to multiple derivatives being created. The same can be said for AI art generators. DALL-E, currently in its third generation, was the pioneer for AI art generation and has since been integrated into ChatGPT. Other prominent examples include:

The Purpose and Impact of AI Art

Beyond aesthetics, AI art serves a deeper purpose. It pushes the boundaries of traditional art, introducing styles and patterns previously deemed impossible. 

In addition, it prompts us to reflect on the symbiotic relationship between technology and human creativity, exploring the very essence of artistry.

AI-Generated Art in Web Design

Today’s websites are more than just functional platforms for conveying information about products and services. They serve as a canvas for storytelling and brand expression. 

AI-generated art offers a fresh, innovative approach to web design. Designers no longer need to rely on bland and generic stock photography, or eat up large budgets to create original visual content.

By incorporating AI art into websites, designers can craft unique visuals tailored to a brand’s identity, ensuring that websites are not only functional but also visually captivating. 

For example, background patterns, interactive elements, or even dynamic visuals can be crafted using AI, making each website a one-of-a-kind digital masterpiece. In addition, given that AI art can be generated quickly, 64% of businesses expect it to increase productivity as a result.

The Ethics of AI Art

While generating artwork using AI offers many conveniences, its rise has led to many ethical questions being raised. For example, traditional artists train for years to learn how to create exquisite works of art, while an AI image generator can be used by anyone to create images in mere seconds, completely eliminating the creative process.

Another issue is cost. Commissioning a traditional artist or photographer to create custom content varies in cost, with some charging thousands of dollars. AI art generators are often inexpensive or free to use. 

Some use a credit system, where the user is provided with some free credits when they create an account, and has the option to purchase additional credits or a subscription to continue using the service. The cost varies here as well, but they tend to be lower than commissioning human labor.

One of the biggest issues with AI art is the potential for copyright infringement and violation. AI uses machine learning to create images, sometimes using copyrighted material as part of the process. This has led to some major lawsuits. In response to that, Shutterstock developed an ethical image generator that actually compensates artists whose works AI art is derived from.

The Debate: Is AI-Generated Artwork Truly Art?

A pressing question remains: is AI-generated art really “art?” The answer to that question is subjective. While some argue that art is inherently human, others believe that AI introduces a novel form of expression, equally valid and impactful. 

Additionally, some say that an AI program is simply a digital art tool. While there is some belief that AI art generators invalidate the role of traditional artists, others maintain that the opposite is true because they are mediums traditional artists can use to manifest their creative visions.

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Leverage AI Art for Your Website Development Project With Pixelcarve

The intersection of AI and art is a testament to the limitless possibilities of human innovation. As AI continues to evolve, so will its role in the art world. With AI art, the possibilities for web design are as limitless as the imagination.

If you are looking to incorporate AI-generated art into your digital platforms, we are ready to assist you. At Pixelcarve, we harness the power of AI art to elevate web designs, ensuring your website stands out in the digital landscape. 
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