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The basic business tenets of converting prospects into customers are well-known: understanding your customers, appealing to their wants and needs, and making it easy for them to say yes to buying from you. Employees in your sales and consulting departments know these simple steps and processes; however, now it’s time for your website to starting converting as well.



While the elements of this formula may seem simple, businesses still often face challenges when it comes to converting customers via digital media.

  • 80% of the population online has purchased something via the Internet
  • Even with this wide population from which to draw, most websites have a conversion rate of less than 5%
  • Sites that have not had the benefit of conversion rate optimization experts have even lower conversion rates, between 2 and 3%.
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Conversion Rate Optimization Experts


These challenges are overcome by a simple fact: the truly exceptional digital marketers understand that the online market differs from the physical market, and these marketers have discovered how to leverage these differences to take advantage of the strengths that the digital market has to offer.

Pixelcarve asks specific questions to develop a digital conversion strategy for your business. We seek out data on your customers’ true motivations and find what makes your product uniquely suited to their specific needs.

Then, we test. We don’t take our word for it, and we don’t treat assumptions as gospel. We measure and test multiple layouts, designs and copy to ensure it’s making the biggest impact with your clients and you aren’t missing any opportunities.

Website conversion strategies have many different facets. Your site needs exceptional professional photography services, beautiful and functional graphic design, organic motion, convincing and credible copy, and proof of the value that your products and services bring to your clients.