The BlackBerry Blade by Pixelcarve

March 22, 2012

The BlackBerry Blade is our dream Superphone. It was created out of our passion for RIM’s products – retaining everything that makes them great while propelling their design aesthetic and technology into the next era. Our vision was to create a design that’s inspiring, beautiful and will re-ignite the BlackBerry brand.

A fusion of acrylic and aluminum, the Blade feels solid and sturdy, but is a comfortable light weight. In addition to defining its modern style, the Blade’s curved design serves several functional purposes; it’s meant to feel more comfortable while typing, reduce direct glare on the screen, resist a face-first impact, feel invisible when put in a pocket, and of course, bring the microphone closer to your face. It also allows the phone to stand up on its own in the landscape position.

The external LED, a popular feature on BlackBerry’s, has been enhanced with an ultra-modern wrap-around design that glows in different colours, animates, provides visual notifications, displays battery life, game effects, etc.

There are 3 smartphones based on the Blade’s overall visual styling – a full touchscreen, a physical keyboard, and a slider. In each version we felt it important to maintain the trackpad and physical buttons – the BlackBerry is a uniquely productive device and these features are critical for precise movements and more efficient phone functions – after all, a smartphone still has to be a great phone, which is something others seem to have lost.

The BlackBerry Blade continues RIM’s proud tradition of being a world-class enterprise device sought after by business professionals. Its multiple outputs will serve any business need, from its MicroHDMI to MiniVGA – it’s a powerhouse for presentations, e-mail, social media, security, and web browsing with full Adobe® Flash®. It has no compromises with the new QNX based BlackBerry 10 OS – and desktop calibre real-time operating system.

Features like NFC, Wi-Fi hotspot and 4G LTE bring it into the next generation of connectivity. It’s tough, highly resistant to damage and supports breathtaking quality photos and video for both work and play.

The BlackBerry Blade is distinctly BlackBerry while modernizing the brand and allowing RIM to not only catch-up to the current consumer competition but leap-frog them entirely.