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Strategy is the critical means to develop your business. Good strategy focuses on tightening the match between your offer and the needs and motivations of your market. Organizations that succeed are always striving to tighten that match, ultimately making their market an offer that is so good it can’t be refused. While critically important, this is only part of the equation. Also essential are strong leadership, cross-functional alignment and process efficiency, which are the hallmarks of the most successful companies. That is why we approach business performance as a total system — this is The Sixsense Way.

Getting to Strategy

Creating a strategy and a plan to achieve business objectives can be a daunting task for even the best leaders. There are many challenges that can stand in the way:

  • Aggressive corporate goals
  • A challenging payer environment
  • Increasing difficulty in reaching healthcare professionals
  • Intensifying competition
  • Ensuring new product launches are successful

At Sixsense Strategy Group, we help pharmaceutical and biotech companies achieve their goals by:

  • Understanding the needs and motivations of their customers.
  • Designing business and sales strategy that ensures customers are motivated to prescribe, use and reimburse their product.
  • Implementing structure and processes that bring their strategy to life.
  • Tracking plan execution and monitoring results.

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