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Best SEM Services and Pay-Per-Click Management for Premium Class Companies


Also known as pay per click ads, in which ads are shown to the customer based on search keywords, can be counted as one of the biggest innovations in the advertising industry. These ads, which appear on search engine results pages, help you reach out to millions of users with a few clicks. And despite the ROI of paid search being considerably lower than other channels like content marketing or email marketing.

There are certain reasons why you may want to consider paid search:

  • Depending on your budget you can get a highly target marketing message to appear ahead of your competition on the search page, and drive conversion ready traffic to a landing page.
  • You can control the geographical reach of your ads and improve conversion rates with localization, which works great for mobile marketing services.
  • You can manage ads in real time, allocating more money to successful ads while pulling unprofitable ads before budgets are overrun.
  • You can get access to a number of data points which let you improve the headlines, landing pages, and ad copy for higher conversion rates.
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Pay per click ads work best for companies who use direct response to sell or require the visitor to perform a specific action like filling up a form. It also works great for online retailers and brand advertisers.

Properly run, pay per click ads can deliver ROI of up to 300% (Source: Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising).



Our pay per click management services focus on getting you a high click through rate. This improves the Quality Score of your ads which in turn boosts their Ad Rank. A high Ad Rank means that you will pay less for the PPC campaign.

We do this by intelligent keyword selection including choosing long tail keywords, constantly split testing ad headline and copy, adding a call to action, and optimizing the landing page so that it is relevant to the ad copy.

Depending on your requirements we will run multiple types of ads, including text and image ads.