Responsive Websites

Responsive Websites

Having a responsive design for your web presence means that, regardless of who is accessing your site and what device they are using, your content remains the same.

With a responsive website design from Pixelcarve you will:

  • Ensure that your site offers a fantastic user experience regardless of the type of device used to access it
  • Benefit from fluid layouts that allow your site to match the size of the browser with no loss of information
  • Enjoy improved SEO results
  • Become more visible
  • Speed up your website’s load time
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With so many users choosing to browse the internet from a mobile device, it’s vital that your website offers the full user experience no matter how it’s accessed. Pixelcarve’s team of experts can engineer your website with a responsive design guaranteed to look great on any size screen.

The face of digital marketing is changing. As responsible companies and brands, it is important for you to deliver what your clients desire and expect, on the device that they are using. With responsive web designs, you can provide that.

A responsive design means that, regardless of who is accessing your site or what device they are using, your content remains the same. The images, text, and general site structure are all intact. And your brand image remains consistent across different platforms. For some types of sites, dedicated mobile website designs make perfect sense. For others, a responsive design, that seamlessly responds to the screen and device in real-time, is the right solution.

Addressing mobile usage is essential as this form of web browsing continues to grow.

  • Google reports that 20% of the searches now conducted are done via mobile devices.
  • Mobile users were responsible for more than half of the local searches conducted in 2012.
  • In the U.S. alone, 25% of people who use the Internet do so via a mobile device.
  • Over 20% of emails being opened are accessed via mobile phone, while another 10% are accessed via tablets.
  • It is projected that, in 2015, more people will be accessing the Internet via mobile devices rather than via desktops.


A great web design must be complemented by an equally satisfying user experience. With so many web users relying on mobile devices to access the internet, your potential customers will expect that your website is easily accessible from all types of devices.

The benefits of a responsive website design include:

  • Optimizing the user experience for your visitor, allowing them to both easily navigate your site and get access to all the information you have to offer
  • Improved online visibility, as search engines including Google are penalizing websites not optimized for a mobile viewing experience in the rankings
  • Improved bounce rate; visitors are likely to stay longer on  your site if it’s responsive
  • A faster load time for your website – responsive web designs load much faster onin mobile devices than desktop sites due to their architecture
  • Gain a competitive edge over businesses featuring non-responsive website designs

Ensure that your beautifully-designed website is capturing your customer’s imagination while offering an exceptional user experience. With a responsive web design from Pixelcarve, you’ll ensure that your website visitor engages with your brand in a positive way.

Your images will look better on mobile devices, your site will load faster, you’ll improve your search engine visibility, and your potential customers will be more engaged with your brand. And changes to the browsing landscape can easily be handled with a responsive web design, as your website will be designed to look beautiful on any type of device.


The dominant usage of mobile devices is a fact, and it is more important than ever to consider your brand’s digital presence and how to adapt it to the changing wants and needs of your increasingly mobile customer base.

How will you engage with your customers? When you have expert web designers turning your vision into a beautiful reality with your custom-designed digital presence, you will see how it becomes possible. Our designs are both beautiful and functional. Our promise is uncompromising designs that respond to their environments, which helps your customers respond to you.
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