Pixelcarve Soars to the Top of the Ranks on Clutch!

October 12, 2018

In an economy of hundreds of thousands of companies with strong services and reputations, how does one make his or her company stand out? The Pixelcarve team is here to help clients define, communicate, and realize their unique visions for their businesses so that they can stand out and get found online.

As an award-winning full-service digital agency located in Toronto, we have nearly 20 years of experience under our belts, creating beautiful, unique, and engaging work for clients all over the world. We offer a plethora of vital services to bolster your digital presence, including web design and development, advertising, video production, digital marketing, branding, inbound marketing services, and SEO. We produce world-class projects for top-quality medium and large enterprises.

As a team of visionaries and talented creatives, we love to tell our clients’ stories in a way that gains their audience’s trust and respect. Our renowned creativity and top-notch customer service earned us a spot as a leader in Clutch.co’s local research, and we are proud to have quickly become a leader on their platform as one of the top digital marketing agencies on Clutch.

As a highly-regarded B2B ratings and reviews platform, Clutch.co arms business buyers with the insights and data they need to connect to their desired business service providers. This helps increase publicly available information and economic efficiency by facilitating creative, productive business partnerships. Clutch’s research methodology evaluates agencies, developers, and IT service companies based on the services that they offer, the quality of their work and clientele, and analyst-conducted client reference interviews that are listed as reviews on companies’ profiles.

These reviews form the backbone of Clutch’s research and we are very excited to share some of the fantastic reviews that the Pixelcarve team has received so far from our clients!

Pixelcarve Clutch Profile - Best Web Design Toronto

“They’re cutting-edge when it comes to web design,” commented the marketing manager from discovermuskoka.ca, the website for Muskoka Tourism. “They have a very knowledgeable team with good leadership. In particular, I was really impressed when I presented a couple of components that we wanted for the website which they had never done in the past, but they looked at it and said they could it. They absolutely delivered and exceeded my expectations. Both the design and the architecture of the website are top-tier.”

Another client, a director at law firm Beard Winter LLP remarked, “We’ve had nothing but positive feedback. It’s actually been surprising. People find the site easy to navigate, and lawyers from the other side of legal matters have gone out of their way to write to us, saying how impressed they are and that it’s one of the nicest sites they’ve seen in the industry in terms of navigation and cosmetic appearance.”

But it’s not just our creative innovation and technical expertise that are noteworthy. Our focus on achieving quantifiable results and meeting business goals is also a clear factor in our industry leadership, as a senior associate at one of our New York City clients confirms, “Within the first month after the launch, the site attracted 400% more users and received 500% more page views than the previous year. They’re knowledgeable and savvy in their field, while their focus on developing the message and the mission of the business make them stand out among other vendors.”

Finally, one common theme of all of our reviews was the personal touch and dedication we bring to each and every one of our projects: “Throughout our engagement, they’ve felt like an extension of our team, as opposed to a third party. Any time we’ve reached out to them, it feels like reaching out to a coworker.”

Thank you to all of our wonderful clients. We look forward to hearing more from you and sharing more from our Clutch profile!

October 12, 2018