Our Culture

We work hard and we play hard, and our beautifully designed open office helps facilitate our collaborative atmosphere. Our team join us for the family vibe, and stay for the incredible projects that we build all day every day. We also boast one of the most culturally diverse teams in the city, and consider it our greatest strength. Interested in joining us?

The Best of the Best

Pixelcarve operates as a team of over 20 people, consisting of 2 partners, marketing strategists, front and back-end web developers, creative and art directors, as well as account and project managers. Each individual is experienced and passionate about digital marketing; we view our job as more than simply delivering another look-alike website; your digital presence should reflect your brand’s personality, and we work together to bring that vision to life.

We are independent, and 100% Canadian owned. All of our work is done inhouse, and our team works collaboratively in open rooms, organized by teams. This is what allows for our deeply collaborative nature between team members, and disciplines.

Founded in 1998, Pixelcarve is led by the partnership of Curtis Priest and Ryan Priest, who are cousins. This has created a unique family culture, which has worked it’s way into the DNA of our team.

During the past 20 years, Pixelcarve has grown to become one of the top-ranked web design and development companies in Canada. Financially stable and led by its executive ownership, the company has produced over 2,000 websites including many for law firms, real-estate development, architecture and design, financial services, automotive, hospitality travel and tourism, technology, manufacturing, fashion, and entertainment. Pixelcarve employs 15 full-time professionals directly in web design, development and project management roles to service clients across North America.

Operating from our offices at 96 Spadina Avenue in Toronto, ON, Pixelcarve has changed the landscape of web design the world over, and consistently sets new benchmarks in each industry they work in.