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On the Internet, a poor reputation won’t just look bad in search results. It’s also bad for your bottom line.

Online Reputation Management

On the Internet, a poor reputation won’t just look bad in search results. It’s also bad for your bottom line.

In the age of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook there is no such thing as an enduring reputation. You might be a much loved brand today but a simple mistake, intentional or otherwise, can bring down the collective wrath of the Internet upon yourself.

And when you couple that with the permanency of everything on the Internet, it can be very bad for business.Consider these data points:

  • 65% of online users think that search (read Google) is the most reliable source of information about brands and people (2014 Edelman Trust Barometer).
  • 79% of customers place equal emphasis on online reviews and personal recommendations (2013 BrightLocal Consumer Review Survey).
  • 85% of consumers research online before making a purchase (Yelp).

What happens when all these people see or hear negative things about you online? They will be swayed by the “wisdom of the crowd” and won’t even consider key points like quality and price point which might be in your favor.

And just like that, you will lose another potential buyer.


Online Reputation Management Services by Pixelcarve

We offer a comprehensive online reputation management service that’s both reactive as well as proactive. Some highlights of our reputation management solution include:

  • Monitoring public facing forums proactively so that issues can be spotted before they balloon out of control.
  • Creating a crisis management plan that takes into account every possible disaster scenario.
  • Assigning a reputation manager who can assess events in real time, and communicate effectively with internal stakeholders and external media.
  • Putting processes and systems, such as marketing automation service,in place to update everyone concerned regarding future changes with the brand.
  • Using SEO services to suppress negative mentions about your brand in search results.

Reputation management is all about being aware of the conversations happening around your brand, and working proactively to address genuine user and customer concerns.

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