Muskoka Tourism’s Web Design

February 1, 2017

Pixelcarve designed and built from scratch a new WordPress website and mobile web app for Muskoka Tourism, including an advanced itinerary planner, and interactive map. Top goals were a modern user experience, improved SEO and outbound links to stakeholders – all of which were achieved.

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"Pixelcarve delivered on it and it definitely exceeded my expectations.

They’re cutting-edge when it comes to web design. They have a very knowledgeable team with good leadership. In particular, I was really impressed when I presented a couple of components that we wanted for the website which they had never done in the past, but they looked at it and said they could it. They absolutely delivered and exceeded my expectations. Both the design and the architecture of the website are top-tier.”


– Jordan Mulligan, Marketing Manager

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tourism website design
tourism web design