Mobile Website Designs

Mobile Website Design


Pixelcarve’s best-in-class development team can create a mobile website for your brand that engages and converts your visitors with an excellent user experience while showcasing your beautiful design.

With a mobile website from Pixelcarve you can:

  • Capture all-important mobile device users
  • Provide a first class user experience
  • Display your site on smaller screens
  • Enjoy full aesthetics and functionality
  • Offer mobile-specific extra features your customers will enjoy
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It’s no secret that mobile device usage has surpassed desktop computers as the main way people are accessing the internet. Your brand depends on having a beautiful and functional website, and a mobile website from Pixelcarve is the best guarantee that your visitors will be fully engaged with your messaging. How do you plan to reach them?

Today, having a fully-functional mobile website is not a luxury – it’s a necessity.

  • More people use mobile devices to access the internet than by any other means
  • Your customers want a superior user experience specifically designed for smaller screens – with full navigation capabilities and an easy way to find the information they are looking for
  • A mobile website gives your brand added credibility and enhances your reputation
  • You will improve your brand’s visibility in the search engines since Google penalizes non-mobile friendly sites
  • Your website will function beautifully on any device


Your customers are looking for your brand, and not just using their desktop or laptop computers. Mobile devices have soared in popularity, with millions of people now accessing the web via smartphones and tablets. How do you plan to reach them?

With mobile website designs, you can put your company right at your customers’ fingertips. By integrating this important facet into your digital strategy, an entire horizon opens up for both form and function. Whether you need online e-commerce sites or a way to convey the latest industry news and best practices to your customers, it is all possible through the power of mobile.

Pixelcarve designs and creates memorable mobile sites that meld functionality with the beauty of simple and timeless designs. We do not sacrifice aesthetics for function, and we make user-friendly sites that tell the story of your brand while helping customers navigate quickly and easily to their desired areas of focus.

Are mobile users part of your target audience? If not, then it is time to develop a plan to capture their interest and engage their senses. Your brand does not have to be constrained by the novelty of small screens – our designs liberate your brand’s message and promise, allowing them to thrive, even in a mobile environment.


Having a dedicated mobile website from Pixelcarve gives you the added flexibility of capturing users from any device. Your website will shine with its full vibrancy while giving your visitor the user experience they will expect.

Tailor your visitor’s experience exclusively for mobile devices, deciding which content should be shown only on desktops and which content will enhance their mobile viewing of your website.

With an endless choice of screen resolutions on today’s devices, you need a website that will cater to each one. Your mobile site will display flawlessly on tablets and smartphones as well as on desktop computers, adapting to varying sizes fluidly.

Your content will display for maximum readability, improving conversions and adding to your customer’s experience.


Working with our mobile site developers will show you everything that is possible when preparing for this increasingly mobile future. From analyzing customer behavior patterns to figuring out what inspires them most, we integrate each piece of data to create a site that generates demand and truly connects customers with your brand.

Using your core website as a launching point, we create mobile designs that integrate seamlessly with your existing brand identity. Whether we’re building a full website that is responsive to all devices, or we’re creating an adaptive mobile site that exist separately from the desktop site, we develop a comprehensive strategy to suit your specific business needs and requirements. We also add the extra features your customers will appreciate and enjoy, working with you to determine how users want to access your site and what they expect to find there