Marketing Automation Service and Campaign Management

Run your marketing campaigns on intelligent autopilot.

Marketing Automation

Run your marketing campaigns on intelligent autopilot

As a marketer, you have only 24 hours in a day. Your main job is to reach out to ideal prospects, understand their pain points, and generate high quality leads for the sales team.

This means that you have to perform a lot of tasks, from writing and posting blog poststo sending out emails, formatting content for mobile, and generating reports.

However, a lot of these tasks are routine, repetitive, and time consuming. As a marketer, you could become more efficient by concentrating only on work that requires creative input,such as:

  • Writing blog posts and marketing emails.
  • Composing social media updates.
  • Analyzing customer data to create buyer personas.
  • Creating a content marketing and social media marketing strategy.
  • Slicing and dicing analytics data to present a business case to management.
  • Implementing pay per click management services.

Sadly, marketers don’t get enough bandwidth to complete these tasks because a lot of their time is taken up with mundane work including scheduling emails and manually uploading blog posts.

This is where marketing automation can come in handy.

Automation Services

At Pixelcarve, we provide the following marketing automation related services:
Marketing Automation Services for Growth Obsessed Brands

As a boutique digital marketing agency that works with growth focused brands, we at Pixelcarve know that one of the best ways to generate sustainable growth is through using marketing automation strategies and tools.

However, marketing automation needs commitment right at the top and a shift in corporate culture towards a more data based mindset to deliver results. Any firm that is generating inbound leads via email, phone, or social media can benefit tremendously from marketing automation.   There are several scenarios where automation can assist to streamline processes and increase efficiency and ROI.  Marketing automation can assist if you…

  • Receive plenty of requests through social media, email or phone asking for more information about you.
  • Are unable to efficiently process the leads in your sales funnel, causing them to approach your competition.
  • Do not generate enough sales ready leads.
  • Find your team answering the same product related questions asked by leads over and over again.
  • Are unsure about the ROI of your marketing dollars.
Marketing Automation Service