Fast Lead Nurturing Processes for Increased Number of Leads

How many prospects visit your website each day ready to make a purchase?

How many prospects visit your website each day ready to make a purchase? It obviously depends on your industry; if you offer premium B2B services, that number could be as low as 27%. In some instances, as many as 95% of the visitors to a website could be there strictly for research prior to making a purchasing decision.

While we can create great landing pages for high conversions following landing page best practices, we can also help you cultivate those clients who take a little extra time in the decision-making process. This ensures you stay front-of-mind, and allows you to connect with potential customers multiple times so that they do not get lost in the sales process.

Pixelcarve helps you start by bringing clients to your website and positioning your brand in an attractive way. This establishes credibility and provides information needed during the buying process. However, it does not end there. We also help you capture data, including email addresses, phone numbers and other contact information.


You then gain the opportunity to establish further trust with these clients, monitoring their progress in the buying cycle and offering them additional data with which they can make a purchase. This also helps you start distinguishing true prospects from those who are unlikely to buy from you – giving you a chance to truly engage in lead nurturing with those who are most likely to receive the most benefit from your product.

Brands often have an ongoing dialogue with prospects, and it can take many forms throughout the nurturing cycle. We ensure you are covered on every level, from buyers who browse your site seeking fresh content, to those who look for credibility in the form of ads and ongoing email campaigns.

Nurturing is an ongoing process, and can often take several contacts before a prospect becomes a buyer. We help you develop an efficient and exceptional process that fits well with your brand and your mission and truly targets those buyers who are prepared to work with you.

Fast Lead Nurturing Process