Top Class Internet Marketing Agency Services

Why chase clients like a vendor, when you can attract them by being an expert?

Interruption marketing, where you attempt to buy or beg for people’s attention through tactics like buying ads or cold calling is at a losing edge. Your ideal customer now seeks out information from a number of sources before making a buying decision. A CEB study estimates that B2B buyers are 57% into the buying process before contacting sales. Smart marketers are moving from interruption marketing and are focusing on inbound marketing by creating and promoting content that seeks to provide that information. This establishes them as an authoritative source and makes prospects more receptive to marketing messages. How Inbound Marketing Services from Pixelcarve work As an inbound marketing agency we offer one stop solution for your inbound needs. Our services include:

  • Email Marketing Services – Research shows that of all marketing channels, email has the highest Return on Investment. We use sophisticated email marketing strategies that include advanced segmentation, personalization and A/B split testing to ensure that your emails get read and acted upon.
  • Local Seo Service – Google and YouTube, both search engines, drive the majority of traffic online. We use cutting edge SEO techniques to ensure that your website earns qualified traffic from search engines.
  • Content Marketing Agency – Content is the oil which drives the inbound marketing engine. Our content solutions span the entire range, from planning to execution to promotion, and include copywriting, video production and infographic design.
  • Social Media Management – Regardless of demographics and industry, a significant percentage of your prospects, users and customers are members of one or more social networks, or participate in social networks when they have a special need. We devise social media strategies to help you establish an active presence on social media so that you can interact with them.
  • Online Reputation Management Services  The Internet never forgets. One angry customer, armed with a smartphone and powered by social media can sully the reputation of a massive brand. Using smart PR, social media and SEO tactics, we can help you contain these crises before they hurt your bottom line.
  • Marketing Automation Service  It’s rare that a first time visitor will buy from you. You need to nurture a relationship by engaging them with relevant content. We can help with that by using marketing automation that can deliver the right message to the right recipients at the right time.
  • SEM Services  Used smartly, search engine ads help people get information on what they are searching for. We can help you with setting up and managing Google AdWords and other search ad campaigns.
  • Mobile Marketing Services  As more and more people are using smartphones and tablets the opportunities around using this platform to deliver marketing messages has increased exponentially. We use sophisticated and proven strategies to reach your audience on mobile.
  • Internet Marketing Strategy  We bring together all the individual elements of an inbound marketing campaign to create a coherent marketing strategy that delivers your brand’s messaging to your ideal audience.

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