How superior branding strategies can help boost your product marketing

July 15, 2015

As one of the Best Fashion Branding Agencies in the world, we have spent decades studying the power of branding and positioning.

brandDeveloping a focused brand positioning strategy is essential for guiding your marketing efforts and defining your brand.  Answering the important questions such as:

  • What distinguishes your brand from your competitors?
  • What space do you occupy in your client’s hearts and minds?

That is what a great branding strategy does, internally, for your organization.  Your clients are exposed to your brand before you even realize.

  • A recent survey found that 76% of US consumers interact with brands and products before they get to the place of business.
  • A Nielsen study revealed that 66% of adults in developed markets actively learn online about the companies they do business with, and 76% of adults do the same in emerging markets.

It is not hard to see how important it is to know the how, what, where, and why of your brand message.  Branding strategies provide these answers, and they help you identify and claim a specific market niche.  One great tool for positioning your brand is creating a positioning statement, which also acts as a filter to reduce time and resources spent on marketing efforts that do not fit your brand’s goals and values.

A brand positioning statement should guide all of your brand’s efforts and should offer effective strategies that target the specific promise you want imprinted in your clients’ hearts and minds.  At Pixelcarve, we believe there are many ways to successful brand positioning but focusing on just a few key points can get you going in the right direction.

Know your clients

When you are developing a branding strategy, knowing your target audience is essential for directing the tone and goals of your marketing efforts.  According to Peter F. Drucker, “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

Demographics are useful for understanding a broad view of your target clients.  If your product or service will be geared toward millennials, your branding strategy needs to address how they communicate with your brand, how they access your product or service, and what benefits your brand provide over and above your competitors.  The research will tell you most of these things and give you a rationale for web design, app development, and other engagement modalities, that build trust and create impressions that lead to sales.

Know your key benefits

brand2After you have  your target audience figured out, knowing your key benefits will allow you to specifically connect to their needs.  As Leo Burnett says, “What helps people helps business.”  Smart organizations know a great branding strategy requires something unique.  And how you spell that out for your clients is what encompasses a successful branding strategy.

  • A recent academic study found that brands that inspire a higher emotional intensity receive three times as many words of mouth as less emotionally connected brands.

Make things simple.  For Burger King, it is:  “Have it your way.”  For Wal-Mart, it is: “Always the lowest prices.”  Your key benefits, whatever they may be, should be focused enough that a client or potential client knows what they are without having to think too much.

A branding strategy is most valuable when its value proposition directly connects with its intended audience.  What is your organization’s wow factor? Pixelcarve follows the most effective way to find that position and make it a reality.

Know your brand personality

A brand personality lets your clients know what your brand is all about.  It sets the tone for the attitude, interactions, and actions that help you fulfil your brand’s promises.  It is important to get everyone in your organization on board developing a consistent brand personality that speaks directly to your clients.

Remember, every one of your employees has a part to play in providing the best customer experience, and you cannot do that unless you have the right people.  If your brand position is focused on fast service, it is not going to do much good hiring employees that do not take that commitment seriously.  You have to communicate your brand strategy and personality to every one of your employees and keep them focused on how they can demonstrate value to every existing and potential client.

Know how to create exposure

Recognition is what brings in business.  Your brand has to be creative with how you engage potential and existing clients.  For example, many indie record labels release exclusive online content through social media, but they also provide an additional incentive to purchase by offering exclusive, vinyl-only releases at local record stores—this compounds exposure and creates additional value.

It pays to not be predictable.  You have to keep things fresh or your clients may lose interest.  But how you do that is entirely dependent on your brand and your target clients.  Gaining recognition through multiple distinctive channels creates opportunities to establish and position your brand specifically, and gives you the opportunity to directly engage your supporters through social media and other channels.

  • A recent study suggests that by 2020 customers will manage 85% of their relationship with an organization without interacting with a human.
  • 70% of consumers say they prefer getting to know a company with articles rather than ads.

Your brand strategy works like a filter, and it gives your marketing team and employees a common mission and goal.  Any marketing effort or communication that does not comfortably fit within your brand position must be discarded.  You must consider every tool available to establish a presence and identity that creates a thriving community.

There are many factors that go into developing a superior content strategy.  There is leadership and the ability to remain competitive as your branding strategy evolves with your target clients.  How your organization remains relevant will require regular refocusing so that your message does not lose any punch.

Whether you are looking to find out more about your target clients or want a fresh perspective that can help you create a focus for your brand, Pixelcarve develops unique branding strategies that give your brand a voice.  If you would like an assessment of how our team can help position your brand, get in touch with us for more information.