Creative Design and Development Services for Businesses

The Internet is a very busy and crowded space.

There are more than 1,000,000,000 websites online, with about 907,200 websites being added every day. YouTube adds over 100 hours of content every minute. The average number of emails received daily by a business user in 2014 is 85.

If you want your online properties to attract leads, users and customers you can’t afford to be mediocre. You have to be exceptional, best-in-class, and stand out.


Creative Design Services for discerning brands

At Pixelcarve we understand that you deliver a unique user experience through your products and services which has earned you loyal customers and raving fans.

We want to establish the same exclusivity and high standards for your online presence as well so that it’s in sync with the image of your brand. We do that using our full suite of creative and production services, including:

  • Video Production Toronto  Device for device, no other medium engages users like video. We can create well scripted and short marketing videos which will cut through the noise to deliver a compelling message.
  • Newsletter Designing  As a marketing medium the ROI of email is higher than a lot of other channels. We can help you deliver emails that look good, get opened, and are acted upon on all devices.
  • Social Network Design  Cover images, background and profile photos on many social media networks can be customized to reflect your brand’s unique identity. We can design your social profile pages so that they are consistent, memorable and unique.
  • Web Design Services  Your website should faithfully represent your brand, generate leads for your business, inform people, and in a number of cases sell products. We design websites that are a perfect blend of both style and function.
  • Best Logo Design Agency A logo is a part of the visual representation of your brand identity. We can design a logo that represents the uniqueness of your brand, instantly evokes an emotional response in your target market, highlights the values of your business, and above all is simple, elegant and beautiful.
  • Expert Graphic Designers A unique visual experience, driven by innovative graphic design, can establish the identity of your brand. We create graphic elements which will make your brand memorable and visually striking.
  • Website Conversion Strategies  Do you want to create a user experience so intuitive and frictionless on your website, landing page or mobile app that even a first time user can navigate around without any confusion? That’s the primary focus of all of our work.
  • Photography Services  Professional quality photography can humanize your brand, get visitors interested in your story, and also help you sell more. We have professional photographers on our team who will do all that, and more.
  • Mobile App Development Depending on your market a mobile app can help you access a whole cohort of users who would otherwise be inaccessible. We can design, develop and maintain mobile apps for major mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

We are focused on helping you become and stay a market leader, reduce customer churn rate, and increase your profitability.

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Creative Design and Development Services