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Courageous Living – Diva Day Testimonial Video – Corporate Trailer

“We built a personal development company to empower women and enrich every area of their lives. Our website needed to communicate our message, our personality and most importantly the sense of safety, trust and supportive community that differentiate us from other women’s organizations. The team at Pixelcarve was amazing. They have this way of listening and brainstorming through a unique creative process that helps companies evolve into who they have always wanted to be. Their way of expressing a brand to the viewer makes the mission statement come alive. After our site went live, we doubled our membership and with the new professional image, gained corporate sponsorship and tripled our revenue from speaking engagements. It is hard to believe that a Pixelcarve website can have the impact it does, but we can honestly say that our company has grown more from this one change than from all of our other marketing efforts combined. Thank you for the extraordinary contribution you make Pixelcarve!” – Tanya Chernova, Partner

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