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Blockchain Development Services in Toronto


  • Distributed networks can eliminate your reliance on third parties to validate ledgers

  • Each node has a copy of the entire database, so no one can change it unnoticed

  • Your network won’t have a single point of failure, and will remain online even if nodes go down. 

Blockchain has matured into a formidable, enterprise-calibre development architecture suited for a wide range of solutioning, problem-solving, and building. It’s something you should consider for any application development project.

Interested in learning more about how much blockchain development will impact your project’s scope and budget? Read our article on how much blockchain development costs.

Key Benefits:

  • Secure your database
  • Distribute your system architecture
  • Build trustless, immutable systems
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Private Blockchain Development

  • Blockchain projects don’t need to be deployed on the public internet—you can build your own decentralized and distributed database with blockchain technology. 
  • Create private blockchains that are a cost-effective approach to protecting sensitive data and transactions by deploying them on your own distributed blockchain infrastructure.
  • Our blockchain strategy can also increase system performance, with 100% uptime and a fully resilient network

App Development

  • Our blockchain-enabled solution can make your “killer app” more secure and resilient, eliminate the need for third-party vendors to validate transactions and other database entries, and speed up your service
  • Whether you need an application for secure day-to-day transactions or big-data management and analytics, we are here to discuss your requirements and build a robust blockchain-based solution for you.

Smart Contract Development Services

  • Among Canadian app development companies, we are the leaders in smart contract application development. 
  • Our applications enable “trustless” transactions by implementing an escrow for unlimited interactions without the need for a third-party arbiter. This transparent, nearly fraud-proof approach can keep your vendors and clients honest.
  • By eliminating trust-related bottlenecks, transactions can be processed faster and without the misunderstandings that can blow up a business relationship.

What is Blockchain Development?

Let’s clarify what we mean by “blockchain,” and why blockchain technology development is becoming so important.

A blockchain is a distributed, virtual ledger for securely recording transactions of any kind, not just cryptocurrencies. It’s “distributed” in the sense that multiple copies of the ledger exist, stored on various independent “nodes,” or participants in the blockchain. And it’s “secure” in that it’s virtually un-hackable. Here’s why:

When two parties enter into a transaction of some kind on a blockchain system, the details of the transaction are verified by the blockchain’s nodes. If all the nodes agree, then the transaction is recorded, packaged with other verified transactions in a “block,” and transmitted to all the nodes to add to the chain of blocks in the ledger.

Blockchain Development Software

One of the many attractive features of distributed ledger technology is that it need not rely on trust between parties or on a “neutral” third party to keep everyone honest. This nifty feature enables the development of “smart contracts,” and blockchain development companies such as ours are doing some interesting work in this area.

Unlike a cryptocurrency transaction, in which only data is recorded in the blockchain, a smart contract stores executable code that implements the terms of an agreement between parties. Application development companies specializing in blockchain development services are ramping up development of smart contract apps and other blockchain solutions for banks, insurance companies, retailers, and other enterprises.

Other examples of blockchain app development include apps for supply chain tracking, professional and occupational licensing, and educational credentials. Because the distributed nature of the database makes transactions immutable, it becomes harder for vendors, customers, and partners to perpetrate any kind of fraud or misrepresentation.

By partnering with our blockchain development company, you know that you’re getting the most experienced of Canadian blockchain companies, with decentralized applications deployed in a variety of industries.

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