The Best Website Designs in 2022

July 11, 2022

Best Websites of 2022 

There is no doubt that the world of web design is quickly evolving, with new ideas, concepts and styles surfacing every day.

Some of these ideas have resulted in top-quality designs that elevate companies’ web presence while helping to drive traffic and new business in an increasingly competitive world.

In this article, we’ll explore some styles seen in the best websites of 2022, and how you can apply them most effectively.

The Best Website Designs 2022: Our Top Picks

1. Memphis Design

Anyone who grew up or lived through the 1980s is most likely familiar with Memphis design. Originally popular back then, this style is beginning to make a comeback decades later, this time, as a digital trend in 2022.

Memphis design seeks to challenge conventional concepts of artistic taste, embracing a wildly creative use of shapes and patterns. It can be most easily characterized as fun, abstract and unique, with the only rule in its application being that there are none.

This style is an ideal way to create a friendly, engaging webpage that appeals to users’ senses. When used sparingly, it can add a touch of playfulness to an otherwise straightforward design.

Some common features of Memphis design include:

  • Asymmetrical compositions
  • Bold and bright colors
  • Abstract shapes and patterns
  • Juxtaposition of contrasting design elements

2. Typographic Design

Typographic design is a largely relevant and effective style to apply to hero sections, home and landing pages. Defined by text, this concept completely does away with or greatly reduces imagery to focus on using text as elements of design..

Some of the hallmarks of typographic design include:

  • Large, bold headlines
  • Minimalist approach
  • Use of negative space

This approach is an excellent and extremely effective means of directly conveying a message to website visitors as the absolute first thing they see and interpret from a landing page. 

Evoking the kind of “in-your-face” effect that so many web developers strive to create in their hero images, it’s easy to see why this is considered one of the best new web design trends in 2022. 

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3. Minimalist Design

Defined by stripping down a webpage to its bare essentials, minimalism is characterized by clean, simple lines, flat design and a focus on functionality.

The goal of minimalist design is to create a user interface that is easy to navigate and use. This approach is often used in web design, as it can help to reduce clutter and make pages easier to load.

Some common features of minimalist design include:

  • Clean, simple lines
  • Focus on functionality
  • Use of white space

This style is an excellent choice for homepages and landing pages, as it can help to create a smooth and seamless user experience. It is also a good choice for mobile devices, as minimalist designs can be easier to load on smaller screens and mobile data connections.

4. 90s Web

Some of the best websites for 2022 are looking to the past for their design inspiration. With Web 3.0 well on its way, people are becoming more and more reminiscent of the internet’s earliest days, embracing many of the styles and aesthetics that characterized it. 

For those old enough to remember, the first version of the World Wide Web, otherwise known as Web 1.0, was very much defined by an amalgamation of visible table layouts and bright colours.

The web design teams of 2022 are seeking to bring this concept back, reapplying it to modern day webpages in a new, reimagined way.

Eliminating the awkwardness that was often present in the original version of this website design trend, they’re taking the character of 90s tech and infusing it with the more refined, polished look of 2022 web design.

Some of the defining features of 90s web design include:

  • Bright colors
  • Simple shapes
  • Geometric patterns
  • Use of images and GIFs

The best use cases for this design include those that relate to 90s nostalgia, such as throwback websites or those with a focus on vintage technology. It’s also an excellent way to add some personality to a website without going overboard.

5. Interactivity

We’re well into the 21st century now, and the consensus seems to be that most websites are boring to use. In comes interactivity, a concept that seeks to break down the barriers between user and website, making for a more immersive and engaging experience. 

Interactive web design is a website design trend that we established over 2 decades ago, and is now being more frequently used. Some common features are:

  • Hover and mouse effects
  • Parallax and depth scrolling
  • Video backgrounds
  • Animated elements

Interactive web design is an excellent way to add a touch of novelty and personality to a website. It’s a concept we can definitely expect to see in top websites in 2022 and beyond.

6. Linework

Linework is a top web design trend for a reason. A simplified, yet incredibly powerful tool, the integrative use of lines in styling can do a lot in terms of making a page more attractive and engaging. 

They can be used to create a variety of shapes, patterns and illustrations, often with a minimalistic aesthetic.

Linework designs are also highly versatile, and can be applied to just about any type of website. They work well with both images and text, and can be used to create both subtle and dramatic effects.

Some common features of linework designs include:

  • Varying line thicknesses and patterns
  • Integration and layering with images and text
  • Use of lines to create unique shapes, patterns and illustrations

This approach can be an excellent way to add some visual interest to a website without making it too busy or overwhelming. When done well, it can result in a clean and sophisticated look that is sure to grab any user’s attention.

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Master the Best New Web Design Strategies With Pixelcarve

Considering these and other prominent web design trends for 2022, today’s developers are at no shortage of design inspiration when it comes to building a website. 

While all of these styles clearly have something great to offer, it’s evident that the best websites of 2022 will be those that embody a character and look unique to their brand identity.

For those looking to create a high-quality, attractive online presence for their business, professional web design may be the best option. 

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