Showcasing your products and services can be challenging in the age of digital noise. Your brand must find a way to highlight what you have to offer your customers in a way that is subtle and non-intrusive, while still ensuring your voice is heard amongst the crowd. With a microsite, you can demonstrate your value with a highly targeted message.

You face many challenges in building a luxury digital presence. Microsites are a way to overcome specific challenges and engaging your customers in an intimate way. The ideal microsite offers a simple, user-friendly interface and often features rich content such as videos that can reveal an inspirational, quirky, or humorous aspect of your brand, with targeted phrases, service or product specific testimonials, and images that reflect exactly what your clients seek.

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A microsite serves many functions: setting off a new product or service in your line, kickstarting a brand new promotion, targeting a niche client, or simply enhancing an existing campaign by engaging customers on a whole new level. With stunning designs, custom-tailored copywriting for websites, and streamlined functionality, Pixelcarve does not simply manufacture the best microsites – we build them from the ground up, based on what your brand message is and what your customers are looking for.

The elegance of the microsite is in its simplicity: it shares one clear message about your brand with your customers, and then offers them ways to explore its subtle nuances. A multi-faceted company might have several microsites, covering each area of business and catering to a variety of customers who share the commonality of being within your target demographics.