4 Powerful Styles for Effective Corporate Video Production

May 26, 2015

Corporate video production is a highly effective way to make direct connections with clients and build your brand.  Videos engage and educate, and create a narrative for your business.  What you say with video content is important.

  • By 2018, it is forecast that video will account for 79% of all Internet traffic.
  • A recent survey of marketing professionals found that 70% reported video converting more than any other medium.

With the way Internet traffic is changing, it is important for businesses to make sure they’re getting their message out there in a variety of ways.  How do you make your corporate video production matter when you have 10 seconds or less to grab viewers’ attention?

If you need a corporate video that heightens engagement and brings awareness to your brand, then professional video production is the only way to go.  To do that, you need a team with expertise in cinematic video filmmaking and animation, so your corporate videos look more like corporate trailers, with cinematic music and all.  Here are a few common themes we cover at Pixelcarve.

1) Corporate overview– tell a compelling story

Your corporate video is going to be one of the first elements clients view on your web page, so it is important that your video tells a compelling story.  Creating a narrative is a process, but there are a few simple guidelines you can follow to make a corporate video that creates brand recognition.

  • Tell a story – A video gives your business a chance to tell what it does, and allows you to connect with your clients 24-hours a day. Make sure your video provides an introduction, and addresses problems that your company’s products or services solve.
  • Form a brand personality – People learn in different ways, and not everyone has time to read blocks of text. Use your corporate overview video to establish a visual and auditory connection with viewers and create a personality for your brand.  Make them laugh.  Make them cry.  Just make sure they remember your business and how you can help them.
  • Make it shareable ­– Promoting your video is not difficult once you have it ready. Add it to your website, and upload it to your social media channels, as well as sites like YouTube and Vimeo.  The more times your video is shared the more likely it is to gain position in search results and go viral.

The more compelling you make your corporate overview video, the more likely people are to buy something.  It is that simple.

2) Product Overview – show them how it works

Giving people information about how to use your products or services is another great theme for corporate video content.  People want to see things in action.  They want to quickly understand how a product or service can make their lives easier.  If seeing is believing, then showing your clients or customers what benefits you offer is going to make an impact.

It is important to show and not tell.  Product overview videos may be shot in many different styles:  from simple explainer videos with voiceovers to product demonstrations and interviews. You don’t want to lose your message in confusing concepts or language.  Keep it simple.  Product overview videos are a great asset, why not spend the time to carefully plan and script their content?

Producing a high-quality video takes a significant amount of time and creative resources, and having a professional video production team work with your business to develop video content is a way to make sure that you’re getting the most return on your investment.  At Pixelcarve, we help you craft the right video to fit with your content so that your product overview video engages your customers and enhances your business.

3) Customer Experiences – get your believers involved

When you are thinking about buying something, whose opinions do you trust most?  It is probably family or friends, but after that, it is probably as simple as listening to what others are saying.

  • 88% of Consumers trust online reviews and testimonials
  • At 89%, customer testimonials are the most effective type of content marketing

Customer reviews and testimonials are excellent themes for corporate video content.  Building trust is what is important, and utilizing your customers as video content sources strengthens those relationships and reinforces trust.  It also gives potential customers a simple way to understand the benefits of your product or service.

Customer experiences start with engagement.  Producing engaging video content that utilizes your biggest believers can be an effective theme and is a worthwhile investment in building trust for your brand.

4.) Employee testimonials – let your company shine

Given that most adults spend a good amount of their time online, it is not hard to understand why employee testimonial and recruitment videos have become so important.

  • Employers receive 34% more applications when they add a video to their job postings.
  • Job postings with videos linked to them receive 12% more views

Employee testimonials don’t have to be the same boring monotone you remember.  They can be a way to effectively demonstrate your company culture and attitudes, and save you a good amount of time and recruitment costs.  Job seekers want real information from real employees, to hear about tangible experiences from someone objective.

There are many other corporate video themes, but these are essential for every business online.  At Pixelcarve, we work these themes into videos for your company, which in turn increases traffic and revenue for you.

If you would like to work with video production professionals who have been successfully creating corporate videos that amplify online content and make a bold statement, we would love to chat with you.