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Make the right statement about your brand with a custom website design. Our beautiful sites offer unique design, fluid movement, with a user friendly look and feel that will draw in your clients and engage them. Inspire curiosity, heighten trust, and encourage new prospects to contact you by establishing a credible digital presence they won’t forget.

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Premium Website Design Services for High-End Businesses 
Island Bridal
Line Knitwear
Mizrahi Design Build
(Real-Estate Development)
Ferris Rafauli
(Architecture & Interior Design)
Foyston, Gordon & Payne
(Financial / Investment Management)
Fogler, Rubinoff LLP
(Law Firm)
Bellosound Website Design 
(Music & Entertainment)

Chocolate CMS


Manage the content on your website quickly, easily, and from anywhere in the world using our ChocolateCMS platform. Without having to know any HTML you can add, edit or remove pages, text, pictures, videos, PDF’s and more while ensuring the design and structure of your site remains intact. It was built from the ground up to merge our unique sense of style and design with the functionality demanded by today’s modern websites. Designed for absolute simplicity and ease-of-use, the web browser-based ChocolateCMS gives you complete and effortless control over your content and your message.

What makes Chocolate CMS special?

It’s easy to use! At the end of the day, if your website is too hard to update then you simply won’t do it, and that defeats the whole purpose. Not only does Google penalize stale websites that aren’t updated, but your prospect clients, vendors and employees will wonder if you’re even still in business. Having a frequently updated website is critical in the new digital economy.

Why Choose ChocolateCMS?

Our websites built using ChocolateCMS provide a stunning and organic visual experience, while supporting class-leading Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content management (CMS), search, social media integration, mobile device support, and much more.

Is Chocolate CMS Safe?

It’s secure. A lot of CMS platforms try to offer everything to everyone. This tends to make them hard to keep secure because every website is at risk from flaws in features that aren’t even being used. We have built a highly curated feature-set into ChocolateCMS only relevant to your industry, and because we maintain it ourselves it doesn’t suffer the same exploits known in so many other systems.

What are the benefits of using ChocolateCMS?

You are not locked in. ChocolateCMS can be disconnected at any time, and another MVC style CMS connected in its place.

ChocolateCMS is Software as a Service (SaaS), hosted web Content Management System (CMS), which means we take care of it, manage it, secure it, and update it – while you enjoy its flexibility and power.

What Our Clients Say

  • Web Design and Development Company-Toronto

    “Effectively integrating a superior digital presence is only possible if your creative’s are able to become intimately involved in your business. By aspiring for genuine innovation and holding in high regard AVENUE ROAD’s brands integrity, Pixelcarve has and continues to deliver at the highest of levels.”

    Michael Barr, Marketing Director, Avenue Road
  • John Muscat

    “Pixelcarve is the best website company in Toronto. Their ability to capture the mood and direction of what you want from a site is the best I have ever experienced. There are many interactive agencies out there but Pixelcarve is the only one I would ever trust to interpret my brand.”

    John Muscat, Owner, Line Knitwear
  • Daniel Buckman

    “Working with the Pixelcarve team was an extremely positive experience right from the start. BELLOSOUND was looking to collaborate with a creative company that would understand our vision and that would generate a product that was unique and innovative. We are very proud of the final result. BELLOSOUND.com is a very special website and the feedback has been outstanding.”

    Daniel Buckman, CEO, Bellosound

It all begins with the right marketing agency, dedicated to creating art on the web with luxury website designs. Your digital presence can do more for your brand than virtually any other media. Isn’t it time to take the next step?

Consult with our designers to start developing a digital strategy for your company. We help you capture the right tone, so that your digital media matches and enhances everything that your brand is and what you stand for.