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Winning Mobile Marketing Services and Strategies

As a brand, if you are ignoring mobile in marketing you are setting yourself up for failure.

Demographics of Mobile Marketing

As a brand, if you are ignoring mobile in marketing you are setting yourself up for failure. Regardless of your industry, geography or target demographic, mobile is one of the most critical channels to consider while polishing your digital marketing strategy. Consider a few statistics around mobile usage:

  • At $31.45 billion, mobile ads account for 25% of digital ad spends globally. This is projected to grow to $94.91 billion in 2018 (Source: eMarketer, March 2014).
  • 46% shoppers won’t comparison shop if they land up on a seller’s app. They are more likely to abandon a mobile website in the middle of the buyer journey (Source: comScore).
  • Users spend nearly 60% of their online time on mobile devices compared to desktop, laptop or other devices (Source: MarketingLand).
  • There will be a 45% year on year growth in mobile data traffic from now till 2019 (Source: Ericsson Mobility report, Nov 2013).

These data points show that mobile marketing can enable you to increase your brand’s footprint and get a high ROI.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile marketing for smart marketers, by Pixelcarve

Our mission is to help clients remain market leaders in their field and increase their profitability. Our mobile marketing services are designed with this end in mind.

We take a comprehensive look at your brand and identify all of the customer touch points, from email to website to PPC campaigns. Based on our analysis we then seek to create a user friendly mobile experience for each of these touch points so that users stay engaged with you longer thereby increasing conversion rates. This may take the form of:

Mobile Marketing Services and Strategies

We begin most projects with a mobile- first approach and aim to achieve quick wins with mobile.